In loving memory
Kim Bodell, motorcyclist and U.S. Marine, was an early member of the Third Tradition Motorcycle Club. He and a few other visionary men defined the Club and the values we stand for back in the days when a clean and sober Motorcycle Club was quite a rarity. In fact, around the time TTMC was founded, one could argue that a Clean and Sober Motorcycle Club was sort of an oxymoron. 
No matter, Kim was there, with his brothers and their three-part patch. He arrived on the scene right after TTMC became a legitimate Virginia corporation, but before the U.S. Department of the Treasury recognized us as a non-profit 501 (c)(7) organization, before we had a corporate checking account, before we got a Webmistress and a website, before we obtained a private grant to purchase and distribute the Big Book of Alcoholics to people who need them, and before we started organizing benefit runs for shelters for the homeless as well as shelters for the homeless Veteran. 
Kim was barely around long enough to see these things come to pass before he left us. However, his contribution, along with that of the TTMC founding members, was the establishment of a real, tangible foundation for an organization based on honor, dedicated to brotherhood among recovering people, real commitment to the AA and NA programs, and one other thing: His absolute, childlike love of motorcycles and the sheer joy of going for a spin on the scooter with his wife, Trish and his riding buddies.
Interested in getting involved? We are always looking for friendship.

President - John Lynn
Vice President - Timothy Asbell
Secretary - Ruth Bielke

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